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Nicrodur Acroni Europe Sheet Plate

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pressure vessel ::Nicrodur Acroni Europe Sheet Plate

Steels for pressure vessels are intended for manufacturing of containers for storage or transportation of liquids or gases (ammonia, chlorine, propane, butane) which are above or below atmospheric pressure.

Steels for pressure vessels are used in:

  • oil refineries,
  • petrochemical plants,
  • submarines,
  • space vehicles, in general,Nicrodur Acroni Europe Sheet Plate
  • in all hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

They are also used as diving cylinders, steam boilers, boilers or pipes operating at high-temperatures, turbine housings, for the use of fossil fuels.

Typically, pressure vesselsare in the form of a cylinders or spheres. Steels for pressure vessels may be unalloyed or alloyed.
Depending on the purpose of use, namely whether the steel used for the elevated or low temperature, these steels are alloyed with different elements. Thus, for example, addition of molybdenum increases the resistance at elevated temperatures, nickel is added to improve properties at low temperatures, chromium is added for corrosion resistance.
Delivery condition for non-alloyed steel grades is Nicrodur Acroni Europe Sheet Platenormalized, normalized + tempered or quenched delivery condition is valid for alloy steel grades.

Steels can be made according to the requirements of European and American standards as well as the specific requirements of our customers.



In Acroni we have long lasting tradition of producing high strength low alloyed – HSLA steels. Nicrodur Acroni Europe Sheet PlateThose steel are quenched and subsequently tempered at certain temperature.

In comparison to carbon steels HSLA steel have higher yield strength, better ductility, and higher ultimate tensile strength at good toughness, formability and good weldabilitly.

HSLA steels are used for parts of complex constructions, souch as constructions of buildings, oil & gas (line pipes and tanks), cranes with high load capacity. Beside that the HSLA steels are used in ship building and more and more in car industry.
Standard HSLA steel has yield strength of 690MPa but we can offer HSLA steels with yield strength up to 1000MPa.

Special member of HSLA steel family are abrasion Nicrodur Acroni Europe Sheet Plateresistant steels which have high hardness, high yield strength in correlation with good abrasion resistance. Steels are supplied in quenched condition with hardness from 300 to 500HB.


Carbon non alloyed steels are used for parts of different constructions and machine parts for examples:

  • constructions of buildings,
  • bridges,
  • parts of agricultural mechanization,
  • profiles, etc…Nicrodur Acroni Europe Sheet Plate

Structural alloyed steel are classified according to yield strength and toughness at different temperatures. The have good formability and good weldabilitly.






Stainless steels are a family of corrosion-resistant steels that contain at least 10.5% chromium.

Apart from chromium, these steels are commonly alloyed with nickel, molybdenum, titanium, niobium and other elements. Their mechanical properties and applications depend on their chemical composition. The durability and serviceability of a manufactured product depends on the careful selection of the appropriate grade of steel.

Austenitic stainless steels:

Austenitic stainless steels are characterized by good to excellent corrosion resistance combined with very good weldability and formability. The austenitic structure has good creep resistance and oxidation resistance, making these steels useful at elevated temperatures. Austenitic steel can also be used in cryogenic applications, and in the annealed condition it is the only non-magnetic stainless steel. Austenitic stainless steels contain 18% chromium and at least 8% nickel, which increases their corrosion resistance.

Duplex stainless steels:

Duplex stainless steels have high strength, good toughness and very good corrosion resistance, especially with regard to stress corrosion resistance, stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue. They also have good weldability and reasonable formability. They have a typical ferritic-austenitic microstructure; the ratio of ferrite to austenite is 50:50. The content of chromium is around 22%, and nickel about 5%. The steel also contains molybdenum.

Martensitic stainless steels

Martensitic stainless steels are not as corrosion-resistant as the other two groups, but are extremely strong and tough as well as highly machinable, and can be hardened by heat treatment. Martensitic stainless steel contains chromium (12-14%), molybdenum (0.2-1%), nickel (less than 2%), and carbon (about 0.1-1%). In the quenched condition it is magnetic. Special precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steels can also be produced by alloying copper. They provide an outstanding combination of high strength, good corrosion resistance, and good mechanical properties at temperatures of up to 300°C.

Ferritic stainless steels

Ferritic stainless steels have good corrosion resistance, especially with regard to stress corrosion cracking. Lower carbon and nitrogen contents improve both weldability and toughness, which can otherwise be limited. The principal alloying element is chromium (between 13% and 17% Cr); there is no addition of nickel.

We produce stainless steel as:

  • Stainless quarto (heavy) plates
  • Ferritic hot and cold rolled strips and sheets

Dimensions of Quarto Plates

Thickness (mm)            8      9-130
Thickness (mm)            1000-2000     1000-2500
Length (mm)            2000-12000     2000-12000
Weight (kg)            maks. 9600     maks. 9600

Dimensions of Ferritic Hot and Cold Rolled Strips and Sheets

                                        Hot and cold rolled STRIP               Hot and cold rolled STRIP
Thickness (mm)                                       1,0-6,0               1,0-6,0
Width (mm)                                       1000               1000
Length (mm)                                    2000-6000
Weight (kg/mm width                                        Coil weight:  6-8
ID (mm)                                       610 - 508


Wear resistant steels HSLA steels are supplied in quenched or normalized condition.

Water quenched steels with high hardness and high yield strength in correlation to high hardness give the best abrasion resistant results. They are available in hardness’s from 300HB to 500HB.

Normalized wear resistant steels rely on carbide phases instead of hardness. They are supplied with hardness around 300HB and yield strength around 600MPa.

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