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The rising performance levels of power stations require boilers and other equipment in larger size and capable of meeting increasing demands in terms of operating conditions and reliability.

Boiler & pressure vessels plates

Industeel has the know-how in this field to supply boiler steam pipe plates in a wide range of steel sizes and grades as well as prefabricated parts for boiler construction.

Pressure vessel plates

Modern industry must meet increasing demands in terms of reliability and efficiency while often dealing with more challenging raw materials and more complex production processes. These factors create new demands on production equipment, in particular the pressure vessels used for instance in the chemical and oil & gas industries.

Industeel uses its know-how to ensure the highest quality of its pressure vessel plates and prefabricated parts in terms of implementation, use and available sizes. Industeel plates can be used to build pressure vessels complying with applicable ASME code and the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

Boiler & pressure vessels plates



Industeel boiler plates are used in particular in powerplant equipment such as waterwalls, boilers, superheaters, steam pipes, columns, etc.

Industeel pressure vessel plates are found mainly in chemical and oil & gas refinery equipment such as reactors, strippers, separators, scrubbers, hydrodesulfurizers, hydrocrackers, heat exchangers, amine absorbers, etc. Products

All components for pressure vessels...

Boiler & pressure vessel plates
  • PLATES and forged plates for shells in different thicknesses
    • Plates from 5 mm (3/16'') up to over 300 mm (12'') and up to 4350 mm width (157''), depending on steel grade
    • Extra large plates with unit weights up to 100 MT
      (in thicknesses 100/300 mm - 4 to 12'')
    • Stainless plates up to 200mm thick up to 18 tons
    • Roll-bonded clad plates up to 120 mm (4.75'')
    • Beams for reactors internals stainless steels
      up to 200 mm thick up to 18 tons

  • SINGLE PIECE DISCS (for tubesheets) up to
    • 4 500 mm diameter (180'')
    • 800 mm thick (32'')
    • Larger diameters available in ready to weld
      multi-segment discs

    • Inner diameter 1000 to 3000 mm (39 to 118'')
    • Thickness up to 250 mm (10'')
    • Inner diameter 2000 to 3500 mm (78 to 138'')
    • Thickness up to 250 mm (10'')

    • Ready to weld half shells
      (diameter up to 6000 mm - depending on cut back)
    • Ready to weld cap and petals for heads
      (diameter up to 12000 mm)

Clad plates

A clad plate is a combination of two or more different metals, each chosen for its specific properties, metallurgically bonded to obtain an integral continuous single plate offering the benefits of both components. Industeel clad plates are produced by bond-rolling.

By combining for example a stainless steel with a low alloy backer steel, it is possible to benefit from the mechanical properties of the backing material and the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel at a competitive price. Normally the backer metal is a carbon-manganese steel, CrMo or other low alloy material and the cladding can be a stainless steel or a nickel base material.

The processing of INDUSTEEL clad plates is basically similar to the processing of solid plates, taking into consideration the properties of the backing steel and of the corrosion resistant cladding. Industeel has prepared detailed forming and welding recommendations to help you optimize the properties of your finished equipment.

Clad plates offer

Construction steel plates

Construction steel platesMany industries use mechanical parts that place heavy demands on the steel used. Depending on the targeted function, the special properties you need may be mechanical strength, weldability, machinability, formability or large size or thickness.

For example, the steel used to manufacture cranes or the placing booms of concrete pumps must offer high strength and an acceptable level of weldability.

Heavy equipment such as press bodies or pump shells require a sufficient level of machinability and uniform internal properties all the way through large thicknesses.

Industeel can supply very large sizes in specific steel grades for mechanical applications that also provide the necessary level of workability. Very thick pieces can be proposed with high unit weights, thus avoiding additional welding and assembly operations.

Industeel offers not only a wide range of solutions meeting the requirements of standards, but also its vast know-how acquired in the many applications for which we develop and produce innovative high-performance solutions.


Cranes, mobile cranes, concrete pumping booms, press bodies, penstocks, trailers, bulldozers, loaders, industrial trucks, buckets, pipes, bridges, steel buildings and offshore applications such as jack-up rig legs.


Industeel can supply very large plate formats for mechanical applications. Very thick pieces can be proposed with high unit weights, thus avoiding additional welding and assembly operations.

Forged-rolled plates can be supplied for critical thick-plate applications where specific properties are required throughout the thickness or for stringent ultrasonic testing specifications. That is why Industeel can supply all the forged grades.

These steel products, offering high-performance mechanical properties, are generally used for assemblies which can have complex shapes. That is why our steel products are designed to be highly workable.

Solutions comprising pre-cut and pre-formed parts are also available.

industeel Construction steel plates


For mechanical applications: CarElso® and other conventional C-Mn steels, ASTM or EN (A516gr60 to 70, P235GH, S355J2G3 etc …).
For high-strength applications (cranes, jack-up, etc.): SuperElso®, high and very high yield strengths from 500 to 1100MPa, quenched and tempered, weldable.


Cryogenic steel platesCryogenic steel plates

Equipment for the production, storage and transport of low-temperature gases such as LPG, ethylene and LNG must be made of materials that do not become brittle at temperatures commonly reaching -60 to -170°C.

For this reason, Industeel has developed its CryElso® family of high toughness nickel alloyed steels specially designed for low temperature applications. They have a low carbon content for enhanced weldability and offer improved crack arrest properties for greater safety.

For more information about the Industeel cryogenic steel plates and its other products in gas industrie, please click on the following image and see
our animation "The entire gas chain".

industeel Cryogenic steel plates

Applicationsindusteel Cryogenic steel plates

  • CryElso® 9 - 9%Ni alloyed
    • Applications: On-ground and Floating LNG Storage Tanks, low temperature pressure vessels, cryogenic piping
    • Properties: Charpy impact values at -196°C, CTOD guarantees at -163°C
    • Available thickness: 5 to 80 mm

  • CryElso® 5 - 5%Ni alloyed
    • Applications: Ethylene, Transportation & storage tanks
    • Properties: Charpy impact values at -120°C
    • Available thickness: 5 to 100 mm

  • CryElso® 3.5 - 3.5%Ni alloyed
    • Applications: Compressors, Nuclear waste containers, Reactor for CTL, Storage tanks
    • Properties: Charpy impact values at -101°C
    • Available thickness: 4 to 500 mm



High strength steel plates

industeel High strength steel platesIndusteel offers a complete range of high strength steel plates including all the main grades commonly found on the market (690, 890, 960 and 1100 Mpa).

These plates are used for the construction of stationary and mobile equipment subjected to heavy loads.

The quenched and tempered steel combines high yield strength and toughness. Industeel's extensive know-how and the care taken in producing this range of high strength plates ensures excellent welding, forming, thermal cutting and machining characteristics.


    • Stationary and mobile cranes,
    • Trailers, bulldozers, loaders, industrial trucks, buckets
    • Pipes, bridges, steel buildings..


The 690 Mpa grade (Supralsim) is the low end of the range and offers a wide range standard thicknesses (6 to 200 mm). For thick plates (80 to 200 mm) made using the ingot technique, this product is highly competitive.

The higher SuperElso® grades (890 to 1100 Mpa) are generally used to build stationary or mobile equipment subjected to very heavy loads. Two advantages are the considerable reduction in dead weight of the structures and in the empty weight of moving equipment, with corresponding energy savings.


Navy & armor platesindusteel Navy & armor plates

For navy and ballistic protection applications, Industeel offers a wide range of solutions based on patented brands and standard products.

The quality of Industeel solutions in this field is recognized both for military and civil applications.

Industeel's innovative spirit and first-rate facilities ensure products with outstanding mechanical properties, flatness and thickness tolerances.

Products & grades
Mars® grades
The Mars® brand comprises four products:
- Mars® 190: <400 HB (MIL 12560 Including MIL 46177)
- Mars® 220: improved workability / blast and mine resistance (hardness 440 HB)
- Mars® 240: 500 HB (MIL 46100) - 10-15% savings in weight
- Mars® 300: hardness 600 HB (MIL 32332 - 40% savings in weight)

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