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Radisson Impex offers Marine Steel Pipes in a variety of sizes for many applications. Visit us now to learn about our Marine Steel Pipes

Marine Steel Pipes In India ::

Marine Steel Pipes at Factory Rate
Marine Steel Pipes

Marine Steel Pipes

Looking for Marine Steel Pipes in specific standards & size at Factory Rate?

We are manufacturer, exporter & suppliers of Marine Steel Pipes and supply high quality Marine Steel Pipes in both large and small quantities worldwide & offer you the best prices in the market. We have a team of experienced professionals with years of experience in manufacturing.

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Marine Steel Pipes Usage

Commonly used for Marine Shipbuilding.

Marine Steel Pipes Packaging & Shipping

Packed Marine Steel Pipes in Pipe Factory

Packed Marine Steel Pipes

Packed Marine Steel Pipes in Pipe Factory

Packed Marine Steel Pipes


Plastic closes both ends, Hexagonal bundles maximum 2.000 kg with several steel strips, Two tags on each bundle, Wrapped in waterproof paper, PVC sleeve, and IN in sackcloth with several steel strips, Plastic caps.

Both ends of each crate will indicate the order no., heat no., dimensions, weight and bundles or as requested. We can also offer customized packaging for Marine Steel Pipes as per customer's requirement.

Overseas Packaging

Export packaging is geared towards the protection, handling and transport of Marine Steel Pipes by air or sea freight and, as such, shares many characteristics with export and transport packaging. Utmost care must also be taken to make overseas packaging suitable for long periods of storage. It is important for overseas packaging to be designed with ease of handling in mind, so as to ensure Marine Steel Pipes is treated with the utmost care at all times.

Marine Steel Pipes Price

Marine Carbon Steel Pipe
FOB Price: US $1-5 / Meter

ASTM A519,ST45 Precision bright carbon steel pipe for Shock Absorber,Furniture,Spring, marine
FOB Price: US $850-950 / Ton

Welded tube API steel pipe Carbon steel pipe 3"-24"
FOB Price: US $600-800 / Ton

seamless carbon marine steel pipe
FOB Price: US $699-999 / Ton

marine construction carbon steel piling pipe with shoes
FOB Price: US $600-800 / Ton

Pressure and Temperature Ratings for Marine Steel Pipes

ASME B31 - Standards of Pressure Piping

B31.1 - 2001 - Power Piping
Piping for industrial plants and marine applications.
The code covers boiler external piping for power boilers and high temperature, high pressure water boilers in which steam or vapor is generated at a pressure of more than 15 PSIG; and high temperature water is generated at pressures exceeding 160 PSIG and/or temperatures exceeding 250 degrees F.

B31.2 - 1968 - Fuel Gas Piping
ANSI/NFPA Z223.1 and it is a good reference for the design of gas piping systems (from the meter to the appliance).

B31.3 - 2002 - Process Piping
Design of chemical and petroleum plants and refineries processing chemicals and hydrocarbons, water and steam.

B31.4 - 2002 - Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids

B31.5 - 2001 - Refrigeration Piping and Heat Transfer Components

Secondary coolant piping for temperatures as low as -320 deg F (-196 deg C)
piping designed for external or internal gage pressure not exceeding 15 psi (105 kPa) regardless of size

B31.8 - 2003 - Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems
used for the transportation of gas.

B31.8S-2001 - 2002 - Managing System Integrity of Gas Pipelines
this Standard are applicable to the entire pipeline system.

B31.9 - 1996 - Building Services Piping

B31.11 - 2002 - Slurry Transportation Piping Systems

B31G - 1991 - Manual for Determining Remaining Strength of Corroded Pipelines
A supplement To B31 Pressure Piping

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